Intellectual photo studio for amazing
instantaneous portraits

IxShot studio allows you to take amazing pictures with professional quality without any skills required. Just connect our WiFi, scan QrCode and control our equipment with either your phone or remote radio controller. Pictures will be instantaneously available in your smartphone.
How is it possible?
Camera automatically adjusts on a tilting platform to keep good photo composition
So you can sit or stand. People of different heights also can take photos of themselves without any problems.
But that's not all. Ability to adjust camera tilt angle allowed us to include motorized zoom controllable from smartphone.
You can take close-ups, middle and long shots.
Here is a first studio test
Our equipment
Everything you need to take professional photos
Canon 200D camera
The world fastest Dual Pixel autofocus system with face detection and Canon's best APS-C sized 24 megapixel sensor.
Professional studio flashes
Light is everything. So we use powerful flashes with softboxes and reflectors.
Our custom-made Tilt-Zoom platform
Which allows to take pictures as human does
Small but powerful computer
We don't want to sacrifice performance for weight and size reductuion. So our processing unit includes powerful six-core desktop processor 16Gb of RAM, SSD and GPU for fast face-detection.
I've started this project by myself because I want to prove the idea before asking friends to invest their time and money in it. Special thanks to Alena Lavrinets and Andrew Telyatnik for their help! And, of course, my wife Anna and my son Egor for their help and patience!

I've graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with master's degree in 2008. I've been working as a programmer for 13 years in different virtualization projects and on almost all levels, starting from linux kernel development to UI, autotesting and DevOps.

Photography has always been my passion and I like shooting portraits and landscapes very much. Here is a website with my photos -

That's why I've started this project, which combines photography and programming together.

Feel free to contact:
+7 915 218-83-54
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